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#2 pencils, copy paper notebook paper, fat primary pencils

box of fat crayons

boxes of 24 standard crayons

pack of fat markers

pack of skinny markers

packs of glue sticks

pair of blunt-end scissors

ruler with in/cm markings

folders with pockets

large pink erasers

boxes of crayons (24 pack)

glue sticks Composition Notebook

Regular scissors


packs of wide-ruled loose-leaf notebook paper

1 subject spiral notebooks


25 count packs of sheet protectors

NKJV or KJV Bible

Mini dry-erase whiteboards
Sentence strips (white and colored)

Sharpie® pens

Sidewalk chalk

Staple machine (heavy-duty)

Stapler remover

Sticky notes (various colors)

Different-colored highlighters

Dry-erase markers

Electric pencil sharpener (heavy-duty)

3-Ring Hole Puncher

Cardstock (various colors)


Colored pens (for grading/marking)

Construction paper (various colors)



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